Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playskool Adventure Heros On The Go Pack Review

We were thrilled at the chance to review the  

My 3 year old son could not wait for me to open up the package so he could start playing! 

When there's a big emergency, you're the right kid for the job! Grab your Police HERO ON-THE-GO backpack so you're always ready for action, just like a real police officer. Then, quickly convert your backpack into a police station command center so you can save the day! Press the badge to activate lights and sounds and let your police officer action figure know there's an emergency. Send your little hero out in his police cruiser vehicle and see if you two can nab any bad guys with his action grabber accessory. Once the job is done, send the cruiser vehicle back to the command center so your figure can practice at the training tower accessory. Then, pack everything all up again -- including the cuffs accessories that clip onto the strap -- so that when the situation calls for a hero, you're right there and ready for action!
This toy is a huge hit! Lucas plays with it for hours on end. His imagination has really shined while playing with this toy. The lights and sounds are awesome, and I love that it folds up into a backpack, and then opens up to a police station inside. Perfect for traveling! He loves driving the cruiser up the ramp and pretending he's a policeman! He loves firetrucks & police cars, so this toy fit him perfectly!

It will give him hours and hours of more play, and I would definitely recommend this toy! The holiday season is coming up, and I am buying this toy for my friends son. He loves playing with it when he comes over!! 

Recommended for ages 3 and up.
Retail: $29.99

I received a product for review purposes only. All thoughts about the review product are strictly my own.


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Sofia's Ideas said...

My boys would have endless fun with this too! That looks intense! lol! They are very much into their superhero phase. ;)

Anyhow, I havent seen you over at Sofia's Ideas in awhile so I wanted to invite you to come on over and stay for a bit! :)