Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monkey Harness?!?!

Moms! I need your opinion!!

 Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy - Monkey

My son is 3 years old, and is starting to outgrow strollers. I would never ever dare going out in public without one though. To the mall, zoo, wherever, I always have him in a stroller.
Sometimes, he unbuckles himself, and is off! He will run...and run...and run...

I'm getting to the point where I am truly considering purchasing a Harness Buddy (LEASH!!!)
Before I was a Mother, I will admit...I used to be shocked when I saw parents out and about with their children on leashes. Like HELLO, they aren't animals!!!
 Flexi Classic 3 Retractable All Tape Leash For Dogs Up To 110lbs.Kurgo Automobile Zip-Line, Medium (Dogs 25 to 50 Pounds)

But now that I am a Mom, with a little boy who is on the run, I am considering purchasing one. I'm figuring hey, he can walk, but I can still make sure he's safe and doesn't get lost etc. 

Looking for feedback of any kind...
What are your opinions on them? Have you used one?
Are you for or against them?
Anything! I am looking for any type of feedback!

2 - in - 1 Harness Buddy - Monkey


Keli said...

Like you, I was against them before I had kids. When I had my boys, I understood them. We went to the aquarium at the inner Harbor in Baltimore and I bought two, one for my son and one for a boy I was bringing with us. They were able to walk (and run) and I was comfortable knowing they couldn't go too far away from me. I think it's a matter of personal opinion. I used to care what people thought of me and know it's like - what's best for me and my family? Hope this helps!

Shanna said...

Yes! "I used to care what people thought of me and know it's like - what's best for me and my family?"

I needed that! That's SO true, I don't like to draw attention to myself, and with my child on a leash I think I would do just that. LOL.

Ugh. My friend had her child on one when we went to the zoo last year, and the nasty looks she got were unbelievable.

But SO true, it WOULD be best for my child and I. He can walk around, have fun, but I still can have control. For the safety of him, and wherever we are! LOL.

Mrs. Claus said...

Sorry veteran mom here! 4 kids and now multiple grandkids and great-grandkids. No leashes! Get you bluff in early on your child so they know you mean business.
If not, then you will have the added headache of when do you take the leash off. . . come on now you can do it! Just make a believer out of your little boy and he'll follow you!

newest follower from Tuesday Tag Along

Country Girl in the City said...

I haven't really thought too much about using a leash. I'm still using a stroller for my youngest one but I have trained the older ones (3 and 5 years) to hold on to the stroller as we walk about.

Shanna said...

We have tried for a year to get him to walk next to us.

I guess you would have to know Lucas.
He is WILD. He never stops talking or moving for more than 30 seconds. NO joke. He's full of energy and has taken off from us so many times.
It has been starting to get scary.

I am on the fence about purchasing one.. ugh

Gina said...

My son is a runner. We have that monkey leash and we love it - and he has learned to stay by us while walking. I think it is teaching him to stay close - to the point where now when we don't use the leas, he knows he has to hold our hands.

It's a learning tool and a safety tool. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. I would rather have a safe child any day.

Brianne said...

I had the monkey one for my son, and then the puppy one that I have used for both of my daughters. My two older kids have ADHD, they are very impulsive and if they see something they don't think they just run towards it. They have been a life saver for us. Literally! We're working with the little one, trying to teach her to stay with us, but she's less than 2 and she's not always going to remember. I'm not going to risk her running out in front of a car because she forgets one time. Even disciplined children forget sometimes.

ethnically ambiguous said...

Because I love monkeys & my oldest was showing signs of being a runner when he turned 1 (now 2.5) we bought the monkey harness. We put it on him once & I immediately felt like I was taking a puppy on a walk. Needless to say we stopped the harness & just STRESSED to him that he has to hold our hands when we are on blacktop. When we are in a store we are a little bit easier on him because remember "Birds have to fly & kids have to run" :)
However when it all boils down to it, you little one is his own unique little character. Try it all & see what works for you. If you want my once used monkey I can dig it out and give to you for a test run :)

Shanna said...

Thanks for all the help!
I too say that it would be a good learning tool. I think I'm gonna try it!

And thank you, but I found one for 10 dollars at a local store!
The Eddie Bauer Monkey Harness one. HEHE. They also have the puppy.
I will have Lucas choose! =]

Thank you all so much again!

LAURA1877 said...

I used this exact monkey harness for my 3 year old from age 1 to 3. We went to Disney and it was the opnly way I felt comfortable tat she would not dart off on me.

I could care less what other people think the safety of your child is most important.

not every child is the same, some kids stay right next to their parents, mine did not. I think it is perfect for your babe if they are rambunctious like mine :)

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

I've been thinking about using a harness too for my 16 month old twins.
But haven't because of people judging me. I would think that people would understand that we care about our children and don't want them to get hurt.

Asashia said...

My son isn't a runner so I haven't had to consider this but here's another option if you're worried about the judgments:

Shell said...

Before I was a mom, I thought these were horrible. After...LOL

We used one for my middle son last summer, when he was 3 and we would go crowded places like the zoo or Disney World. It's so much better to know that they are safe than teo worry about the looks you get. Plus, at Disney, SO many kids had them.

Sharon Cohen said...

I just hopped in from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. I am more than happy to follow your blog and your adventures!

I am pleased to see parents who are more concerned for their child's safety than they are for how it might appear to outsiders. In this day and age it is vital to protect your children from the dangers of society - keep them near in whatever way that you can, including a harness. Peace of mind and sanity are also more important and appearances. You become a kinder, gentler parent when you are not losing control of your child. You are to be commended.

I have a greeting card shop for wives on Zazzle that you might want to browse from my blog. Please accept my invitation to follow me back at

@jencull (jen) said...

Hi, found you via the bloghop over at frugal family:)

My toddler is/was a runner and we use this:

I really hope the link works, it is great and we put a special toy of his choice into the backpack bit:)


sEy said...

try doing the harness then let's us see what you would feel about it as a mom....but then again if you you don't feel like doing it again after once, then just go and talk to the baby. Child tests shows that they could understand things thought to them even if they're young.

following you back from Welcome Wednesday :) Thanks for following my blog

Lindsey said...

I didnt have the monkey but I have the pupy one. I bought it well bc my son doesnt like the stroller at all so I thought I would give it a try.
First he liked to wear it, which i was amazed. But after about 5 min of me holding on to the leash and him falling (worst mom award) bc he would run and then the leash would run out so it jerked him.

After this, i decided it was too dog like so I sold it at a yard sale. I agree with other mommies, just get your bluff in b4 hand and he will learn to stay with you at all times.

Shanna said...

Yeah I'm not for making scenes out in public when my child isn't behaving. I am going to get a leash.
After we stop using it, he will understand that he has to stay by me, or be leashed. LOL.
For his safety. Not because he doesn't listen to me, but because he is so hyper active.
Thanks for the advice, off to buy a monkey leash. ;)

Tracy F. said...

Great Site! I thought they were great. I graduated up to a device that is attached to their shoelace. If they get to far from me, the alarm goes off.

I am following you from Take It From Me.


laura said...

We use this Monkey Harness. I really don't care what other people works for us! My hubby hates it, but at this point I think it is best choice for our 3 yr old.

Fresh Start Academy said...

Dropping a note to say I have given you a blog award
stop by and claim it and do not forget to pass it on

Take It From Me Girls said...

Oh I absolutely love your post! I was just looking at these today online, weird. I still haven't made my mind up about them!

Thanks for stopping by for Welcome Wednesday, and I really hope you will join us again next week, for I LOVE your blog, and know that others will too!

Jaime & Kristin
Take It From Me

Terra H. said...

I understand the concept of them but I'm on the fence as to whether I really like them or not.

Anonymous said...

what about one of those cheap ones that go on the wrist. Or you could make one. But like evryone else says you have to "train" them. My son will be 2 soon and any time I start counting he knows he better get his behind into shape.

CherylT said...

NO LEASH!!! I know it's a pain to run after your kid, but there is nothing more demeaning in my mind than keeping your kid on a leash. Even the wrist leash is out as far as I'm concerned. Sorry.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I am all for these. My parents rented some sort of leash for me back when we went to the zoo in the late 80s and I'm not scarred from it. My little one will be mobile in a year plus so I figure I have that much time to talk my husband into it. He thinks it's horrible. I will win. LOL

Anonymous said...

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