Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Follow Me Back Tuesday!

I look forward to meeting all new followers & fellow bloggers!
Be sure to leave a comment, so I can follow back!
I have shortened my blog name, after a misunderstanding with another blogger.
I have always gone by "Mommy of One" so it isn't a big change, but I am switching to a .COM shortly, if everything works out smoothly!!

Also, be sure to check out my Giveaways, I have a lot of great giveaways going on right
I wish everyone a Terrific Tuesday!


Tuesday Tag-Along


Anonymous said...

I know there is a little blogging fued right now whit you and heather but it might bring more readers to your site?!?!?!
I would continue on with what you are doing if the wanted the url address it was avalible but she choses to stick with "heather and >>>>".
She is not giving you bad publisity she is hurting herself b/c she looks like a baby who is insecure in her reiweis.After all what quality reivew states things like " It broke the fisttime...wore it but I'd still recomend you buying from them"
" I think I can totally make it better and cheeper but go cheak out thier website and tell me what you'd buy"
"They didn't complain so they must of liked it?"

Shanna said...

Thanks, I am so sad that she thinks this was intentional. I worked my blog from the ground up, and it saddens me (and worries me!) that
she thinks I stole her name. I didn't realize it, and cannot change my URL unless I switch to a .COM - which I am going to do shortly.

Thanks for the support, I appreciate it immensely. You are too funny about the "Bringing more readers to your site".
Something good must come out of something bad, right?

Thank you again.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there!
Stopping by from FMBT to say hello.
Have a great Tuesday!

Christy said...

Thanks for joining us on the Tuesday Train. I love the layout of the blog. Have a great week!

so kikay said...

Following from Trailing Tuesdays =)

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you can follow mine too =)

Sofia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you back!
It still amazes me that some people just can't get over high school and they have to make everyday resemble it! Just ignore's not like she is the only mommy of one!


~ Noelle said...

cute blog...
following you back! thanks for the follow! :)

Lisa said...

Just stopping by from the Tuesday blog hops to say hi! If you would like me to add your blog button to my Awesome Blogs page - - just let me know.
Lisa xoxo

Everyday Kathy said...

Following from the Follow Back Tuesday. I'm following now! I'm playing over on my Everyday Mommy blog.

I might be in trouble.... since starting my Everyday Mommy Blog I've seen Everyday Momma and another Everyday Mommy.... I just bought so I guess I'll be adding that soon to the name! You will be Mommy of One to me!

Courtney said...

Thanks for following me! I'm now a new follower of you too :)

BusyB said...

HI!!! Tag along tuesday!

If you get a chance i have a giveaway this week :)

Lindsey Muth said...

Hey mama, found you from the TTT Tuesday blog hop and glad I did! Really cute blog, I love the layout! Sorry to hear you are going through some blog drama right now - yuck. Well, have a great Tuesday and if you get a chance pls swing by my blog too! Thanks!


My Journey With Candida said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am now following you and going to check out your giveaways. Terry

Mommies 2 Cents said...

Following you from to the top tuesday! Cute blog!! Stop by

Amber said...

Newest follower and fellow Minnesotan here :) Love your blog!

Kristine said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I am following you back! (c:

Miranda Ward said...

Hi! I'm from FMBT, If you Haven't Already Please Follow Back


Frugal Science Gal said...

I am a follower of your blog!!

Frugal Science Gal